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Light Workers and Workers of Souls’ Statutes

The way is not in heaven. The way is in the heart. ”

– Buddha

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For those engaging in Soul service and Word Servers

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.
Frances Hodgson Burnett

You should always see the good in every fact, situation, circumstance, creation model, substance, warmth, and that love always prevails over all things.

“We don’t need to be perfect to do good deeds in the world, but we need to be sincere in our efforts.”
Gudjon Bergmann, Co-Human Harmony: Using Our Shared Humanity to Bridge Divides

Let sincerity be your creative source, authenticity in all your relationships, thoughts, desires, and intentions. Always be motivated with sincerity, despite the contradictions. This catapults you to the next step.

“There are two types of seeds in mind: those that create anger, fear, frustration, jealousy, hatred, and those that create love, compassion, equanimity, and joy. Spirituality is germination and sprouting of the second group and transforming the first group.”
― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

The Law of discernment and Equanimity, freedom of ideas, appreciation of what is authentic and honest despite the forms that make up this illusion. Realize your deepest feeling respecting the Law of the Universe or polarity. I am you, and you are me. Preserving the Law of Rhythm such as the one that says: As Above, so Below. When you are down, connect with your positive pole (thought) to catapult you Up. 

There is always the Harmonic Law of Rhythm 2 up 1 down, 2 lights 1 shadow. The Law of Contrast «Light exists by contrast with Shadows.»

“The human mind is an illusion, so it does not exist even though it may seem to exist. However, the mind of God - the mind of the world - is the entity of Truth which actually exists although it has no form.”

― Woo Myung, Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever

The Universal thought in the Mind of God.

God guides us. God accompanies us at every moment. Replace the human mind with the Universal Mind of God. Everything becomes Light, and you understand your destiny, motivation, nostalgia, and the path next to the Masters of Light.

The Angels and the Archangels illuminate the path. The Universal Mind manifests through the human mind or Mayan illusion.
The absolute Truth is replaced by the open, luminous, radiant Truth of this Infinite Present that emanates from the source of all creation. That truth makes it possible for the thousands and thousands of minds to commune endlessly. Nothing in creation is final because everything is constant reflux, just a bend in the road ).

“He who perceives all beings as the Self for him how can there be delusion or grief, when he sees this oneness (everywhere)?”
Swami Paramananda, The Upanishads.

ONENESS WITH GOD. The BIG BANG explosion, the beginning of a new cycle of expansion. 

The Light of lights in a heartbeat of God or the Universal Mind. The whole in a second of millions of thousandths.
The constant renewing of energies emanating everywhere from The Creative Mind through the celestial vault. 
Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.
— Carl Sagan

It is a Ray that floods, expands, in millions of particles, it is a constant coming and going, it is a dilution in the Light and resurgence, it is the COSMIC UNIVERSAL LOVE, IT IS BEING LIGHT PEACE LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Ahimsa is not mere negative non-injury. It is positive, cosmic love. It is the development of a mental attitude in which hatred is replaced by love. Ahimsa is a true sacrifice. Ahimsa is forgiveness. Ahimsa is Sakti (power). Ahimsa is true strength. — Sivananda


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