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"I revel in flowers without let,
An atom at random in space;
My soul dwells in regions ethereal,
And the world is my dreaming-place."
L. Cranmer-Byng

  • Q. What does it mean the expression "Ageless Wisdom Teachings?
    A. The Ageless Wisdom or ancient Teachings refers to an old body of traditions, Esoteric teachings, and principles regarding the Nature of our cosmos, the Nature of Man, and its cycles of evolution of Consciousness. It teaches us how Life is transferred from an energetic unity or monad, known as the One Life. It has been the Philosophical source of all spiritual teachings and religious traditions since begin less times. It is also known as The Mysteries or the timeless Philosophy. The registry of these teachings is very ancient, but they are timeless or "ageless" due to their inherent core truths.
  • Q. What does it mean to have an Esoteric Education?
    A. A complete and authentic Esoteric education includes all facets of the Ageless Wisdom teachings – esoteric astrology, psychology, healing, meditation, etc.
  • Q. Can Ageless Wisdom teaching be considered part of the New Age Philosophy?
    A. Actually, these two concepts cannot be far apart from each other. Ageless Wisdom is a collection of Teachings and knowledge from various Ancient Schools of Wisdom, Spiritual Traditions and religion practices. Unfortunately, the New Age movements sometimes appropriate some of the older concepts but giving their own spin and interpretation, often ignoring the responsibility of practices and Initiations and taking them out of the context.
  • Q. What is the Ageless Wisdom institute and how does it operate?
    A. Ageless Wisdom Institute is an Online Learning initiative that catalyzes the ancient teachings of the various Spiritual and Wisdom Schools of Mystery. The Institute represents different modern networks bringing the Courses of spiritual development, Self-awareness, and Self-realization. All classes are online, self-paced, interactive, or recorded for on-demand viewing.
  • Q. Is Ageless Wisdom a Religion or a Cult?
    A. The answer is no. Ageless Wisdom, like we said before is a gathering of Knowledge handed down by Schools of Wisdom and Mysteries of the ancient times. It doesn't favor or promote or privilege any one ideology, doctrine, or religious beliefs. Anyone, from any faith or religion can benefit from the teachings. The Objective is to contribute to the betterment of Human race in perfect harmony with all the other kingdoms of Nature.
  • Q. How did this body of ancient teachings endure through the ages?
    A. Ageless Wisdom has been traveling through time through the sacred art of oral tradition, passed by masters to their disciples and students through different Spiritual traditions and religious practices. They are the compendium of philosophical practices of Humanity's great master's and Initiates. The Ageless Principles and ideas were first revealed to the general public around 1875 when Madame Helena Blavatsky wrote the book "The Secret Doctrine" in collaboration with the Ray Two Master Djwhal Khul (the Tibetan). In founding the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky created one of the first bridges between Eastern and Western cosmology and philosophy. The book's preamble opens with an axiom that says: 'There is no Religion higher than the truth".
  • Q. What are the core beliefs of the Ageless Wisdom Traditions?
    A. The Ancient Wisdom teachings are built around what we understand as the functions and purpose of energy, of Conscience and Sentience. The Core beliefs are: Right Mindfulness, Right Intention, Right View, Right Concentration, Right Effort, Right speech, Right attitude, Right Relations. The body of ancient philosophy emphasizes the knowledge of the universe's structure, the evolution of Consciousness, the spiritual reality of our lives as Sentient Beings (Humans), and the development of "Right Relations." Its emphasis on all Life as energy is confirmed by the current cosmology and quantum physics work. No student of the Ageless Wisdom is expected to accept any of the teachings without testing them. As the Tibetan says, "If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the worker in the world, and brings a flashing forth of intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. But not otherwise."
  • Q. How do I get to know more about the Ageless Wisdom?
    A. If you have never encountered the Ageless Wisdom teachings before, register for our Ageless Wisdom Overview Course which is designed to provide basic information about the Ageless Wisdom, or esoteric studies, as well as fundamental training in creative meditation. If you are interested in knowing more about the Ageless Wisdom but are not interested in being a student at this time, you may download our brochure, The Ageless Wisdom: An Overview. Also, please look at some of our postings on Facebook Pages and Videos on Youtube.
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