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Mission Statement

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AWI is a membership platform where you have access to a deep learning level to develop your Transcendent Human Nature and Divine skills (Angelic Skills). It is where you can understand how to use and build your Individual Power and Personal "Magic" by expanding your Consciousness.

​Classes and content include a high level of Consciousness. All materials are channeled into developing communication and integrating the Higher-Self's presence and Divine Purpose.

​We believe that human beings need to be educated. We need to develop our abilities individually and learn to manage our energy, understand our mental powers, and manifest with more awareness of who we are in this reality.

​​Each Ageless Wisdom course is a class for Consciousness; the student now understands the reason for the allegorical, symbolic, and spiritual language of the Mystical Liturgy.


It is obvious that Consciousness transcends mere intellectualization; the same language could never be used with Consciousness as with the intellect.

Our goal is to find common ground solutions for some of the challenges facing our world by bringing together a community of like-minded individuals.

* Meet and share your direct experiences on the Spiritual path

* Help others to heal and grow

* Exchange views and information that will help you on the journey

* Ask questions

* Offer inspiration

* Support one another in the expansion of consciousness in the world

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