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“Even when muddy,

your wings sparkle bright wonders,

that heal broken worlds.”


Humanity Healing University


Who We Are.


There is just One Planet.  There is only One Humanity.

Humanity Healing is a Nondenominational Network committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing and Growth through Education and Spiritual Activism.

Spiritual Activism is expressed by Compassion in Action.

We believe that when we help others through compassionate action, we Heal ourselves and through us, Humanity as a whole.

We are Children of the same Universe. 

We are all Seeds of Humanity.

The Souls of People, on their way to earth-life, Pass through a room full of lights.

Each takes a taper, often only a spark, to guide it in the dim country of this world.

But some souls are of a rare fortune. They are detained longer and have the time to grab a

handful of Tapers. They then weave them into a torch.


These are the torch beares of Humanity, its Poets, The seers, and saints.

They are destined to lead and lift the human race out of Darkness.

They are The Lawgivers, The saviors, the Light-bringers, the way-showers, and truth-tellers.

Without them, Humanity would lose its way in the dark.

~ Plato

Humanity Healing is a Spiritual Healing Project with no denomination. We embrace people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We recognize the necessity of maintaining the Integrity and Dignity of Human Life.


We believe in Integrity in every stage of its existence: from the beginning until the end.

Globally, there are many people and regions in crisis.  The principles of Altruism and the Brotherhood of Man have declined in importance as individuals, nations, and religions focus on the differences instead of the similarities and our Shared Humanity.

We are ONE Earth.  We are ONE Humanity.

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"These are the Torch-Bearers of Humanity, its Poets, Seers, and Saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, towards the Light.  They are the lawgivers and the Saviors, the Light-Bringers, Way-Showers and Truth-Tellers, and without them, Humanity would Lose its way in the Dark."~Plato


We believe that with Compassion, Education and Volunteerism through Spiritual Activism, this can be changed. We believe that we are all connected and that by helping another, we help ourselves.


Just as the Flower of Life is built from twelve individual arcs to form the sacred geometry of the whole, our community is built around Twelve Houses that define the areas where individuals can find their own Path to Healing and through them, Humanity as a whole.

The Houses of Humanity Healing are based on ten Gifts of the Spirit. Humanity Healing believes these Gifts of the Spirit are the inheritance of all humanity.

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