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Ageless wisdom Institute Ethical  values

The Institute Ethical and Spiritual Values


Spirituality is a human practice that does not require a relationship with any religion and can transform the way we see life. To be a spiritual person is to live with meaning, with faith that existence is worthwhile for something greater, transcendent, and often inexplicable.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. —MARCEL PROUST



We believe in Self-realizing my inner world and creating my individuality. One must feel free spirit to create and live all experiences. We encourage and promote individual spiritual sovereignty.



We believe in authenticity, uniqueness, and the Human ability to respect each other's views and different perspectives. This Platform believes that the Truth is about cooperation about respect for different spiritual visions. Respect the uniqueness of each other's path.



We believe and trust in all the higher human values.



Creativity is everything. When we connect to the gift of Imagination, we discover the Infinite Potential. And that is “The Great Human Power”.

Art and creativity often connect us to this world of beauty.



We believe that individual each is unique and has different spiritual manifestations and realizations. We also believe that the higher Self is the ultimate guide of one's spiritual path.



Wisdom and the Understanding of ageless knowledge stir us all towards a path of self-realization and Joy.



The practice of spirituality is a way of being. “It is a fundamental attitude, living in the daily life of existence: cleaning the house, working in the factory, driving the car, talking to friends.


Honesty and Integrity

The path of transcendence is a collective path, and as such, it should be trailed with clarity of Purpose and crystalline intentions.

We believe in the eternal saying but Master Ram Das:

"We are only walking each other home".

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