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The Spiritual Enhancement Course

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Spiritual Development and Evolution Course

The Spiritual Development Program is available for individuals who wish to expand and develop their spiritual lives.

The Spiritual Development and Evolution Course aims at initiation and development in the spiritual world through self-knowledge, since we may find everything very dispersed and confused.

This Course is structured in eight modules, each one dedicated to a specific theme, in the universe of spirituality, providing the participant with the techniques and tools necessary for their development and evolution as a Being of Light, which will also allow them to modify their vibration. and altering some inappropriate behaviors according to their evolution and belief.

The theme of spirituality is not limited to this Course. Still, it offers a wide range of areas of knowledge, which allow the participant to build the bases and, from there, access other levels of knowledge, both for themselves and others.

One need not be affiliated with the Cathedral of the Soul Church or feel a call to ordination to enroll in the Program.

Admission to the seminary is required. No academic credit is awarded for coursework completed in the Spiritual Enrichment Program.


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  • June 13, 2022


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